Our state is one of many that are experiencing record breaking floods this Spring. The Arkansas river basin has not been able to sustain the precipitation throughout the region, and all that water has been draining into and through our state. Many communities have been affected, including communities that sit far from the river. 

Though Mosaic's building sits a few miles away from the main waterway, there is a tributary behind our building called Rock Creek. The back flow and speed of the current in the river prevent the creek from fully draining, and it creates a flood event that threatens our building throughout the year. 

This is where you can help! We need a list of people we can call to help us protect the church by putting our flood gates in place, and sandbag the perimeter of the building. The forecast as of today (6/2/19) shows a moderate probability of a water event taking place in our property. The current conditions make the creek more sensitive to flooding, resulting in a greater effect than initially predicted. You can see the current forecast HERE

A flood would not only damage our building... it would prevent hundreds of people in our community from getting food and other services we provide through our very active non-profit Vine and Village. And, it would affect all of our different gatherings--some of which are Mosaic Church's groups, others are organizations that partner with us on a weekly basis and use our building. 

Please consider helping us! If you are able and available to help, please sign up here:





There are also many opportunities to help and volunteer in our area as well. Consider partnering with the local government help our communities in the Central Arkansas region. Please CLICK HERE to find out more service opportunities







Thank you for your willingness to help! Pray hard and consider helping. It takes many hands and hearts. It's the hope of Jesus what inspires us to serve and help as needed. Consider being the hands and feet of Jesus to our community!